Water Soluble Stains

For these types of stains read below 

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Baby Formula, Beer, Blood, Candy, Catsup, Clay, Coffee, 

Cranberry Juice, Cologne, Cola, Feces, Fruit Punch/Juice, Food Stains, Graphite, Ice Cream, Jelly, Kool Aid, Latex Paint, Liquor

Mouthwash, Mustard, Rust, Soft Drinks, Soil Spots, Syrup, Tea, 


Tomato Juice, Urine, Vinegar, Vomit, Watercolors, Wine 

These contaminates usually consist of surface litter, dry dust, grit and various soils, beverages, and non-greasy food stains that tend to adhere to the fibers making their removal by vacuuming difficult.  Some of these contaminates have a tendency to spread with foot traffic if not cleaned as soon as possible. Always start by removing loose soilsDry blot wet soils with a clean white terry cloth towel.  If the stain persists, use the appropriate cleaning method outlined in the following Cleaning Methods Guide, 
Steps A & B.  NOTE:  You should blot Watercolor stains using isopropyl alcohol until no more stain will transfer onto the white terry cloth towel. For Water Soluble Stains, start with Step A.  If stain remains, proceed with Step B.  If stains continue to remain after you complete Step A & B, chances are you will need professional assistance at this point.  We are available 24 hours for Emergency Spot Cleaning.   See contact numbers.

Oil-Based Stains

For oil-based stains, use a commercially available volatile or citrus solvent spotter.  WARNING:  Never apply solvents directly to your carpet.  Solvent spotters should be applied to a white, terry cloth towel to be used for blotting.  If the stain remains, proceed with the Step A cleaning method shown below.  If stain persists, you will need professional assistance.  We are available 24 hours for Emergency Spot Cleaning.  See contact numbers.  


Acne Medication, Asphalt,* Asphalt Sealer, Butter, Chocolate, Chocolate Milk, Crayon Cooking Oil, Cosmetics, Felt Marker, Furniture Dye, Glue*

Grease(Black), Gravy, Gum,* HandCream, Ink, Iodine, Margarine,Mayonnaise, Medicines, Milk, Nail Polish, Oil, Oil Based Paints, Ointment, Salad Dressings, Shoe Polish, Tar,* Varnish,

Wax* Furniture Polish (oil based)



If is important that you ACT QUICKLY!  Stains that are more difficult may require multiple cleanings.  (When more than one step is recommended, proceed to the second solution only if after several applications of the first solution, the stain is not removed.)


1.  Remove loose dirt and dry blot excess stain (with white terry cloth towel).

2.  Dampen with lukewarm water for one minute and blot with towel.

3.  Repeat until no stain is evident on towel.

4.  If stain persists, use 1/2 teaspoon liquid hand/dish detergent containing no lanolin or bleach, mixed with 1 pint of water and blot into stained area using a terry cloth towel.  Dampen with clear, lukewarm water to remove detergent and blot dry.

5*.  If stain persists, add water again, fold terry cloth at least 1/2" thick and place over stain with weight (like a brick or something heavy to set on top).  Check toweling every five minutes, or until carpet is stain free.  This procedure may need to be repeated with deep stains.

6.  Gently brush up pile and allow to dry before walking on carpet.


* If stain persists, blot with 3% hydrogen peroxide.  Always pretest an inconspicuous area of carpet when using hydrogen peroxide before attempting to clean the stain.  Professional cleaning may be required.


WARNING:  Do not attempt to clean acne medication, cosmetics or hand cream stains using hydrogen peroxide.


Step B


1.  Vacuum particles, soften stain with alcohol or dry cleaning solvent, and blot immediately with white terry cloth towel.

2.  If stain persists, follow guidelines 4-6 of Step A.

3.  Gently brush up pile and allow to dry before walking on carpet.




1.  Many spot removal solutions leave residue in carpet that can attract soil.  A mist-type sprayer containing the recommended cleaning solution (we recommend FOLEX) is recommended to prevent over wetting.  Upon completion of spot cleaning, thoroughly rinse the area with lukewarm tap water.  Several rinses may be necessary to completely remove residue. 

2.  Be careful not to saturate the carpet to the backing, carpet padding or sub flooring.

3.  Never use any of the solutions in concentrations stronger than those recommended here.  Always follow all warnings and precautions listed on containers aof commercially available spot cleaners.

4.  Spot clean starting from the outside of the stain and work towards the center.

5.  Whenever recommended, be certain to pretest the cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area before attempting to clean the stain.


Cleanday Carpet Care or its affiliates are not liable for damages occurring from Stain Removal Guide.  Use at your own risk. 


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